Video: Is Yoga Hindu?

Is Yoga Hindu? Or, Is Yoga Dharmic? What is Dharma? What is Yoga? and What is Hindu? A free-wheeling discussion.

Video: Is Yoga Hindu?
Photo by Naman Sood / Unsplash

We had started the Drishtikone Youtube channel but due to paucity of time, we could not add to it.  

In collaboration with one of the newsletter readers turned friend - Kaustubh Gour, we have started a series of discussions.  We are calling it Samvaad - which means "discussion".

Here is the latest video from that series - titled "Is Yoga Hindu?"

Does Yoga have its origins in the Hindu culture or did the Hindu civilization originate from Yoga? What is Dharma and what does it mean? What do the various terms - Hindu, Dharmic, Yoga really mean? Discover the answers to all of these questions in this video. Watch and find out for yourself!

Please share your comments and views on this episode, whether you agree or disagree.

Our first episode was titled "The Fall of Europe".  Please do watch that as well.

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