Gurdas Mann's Boot Polishan

Last updated on Apr 27, 2008

Posted on Apr 27, 2008

Gurdas Mann is by far my favorite Punjabi singer!  He is as great – I reckon him greater for he’s better in most areas – as Kishore Kumar in the popular Indian art in terms of sheer versatilty.  No one even comes close to him.  He writes his songs, dances and sings them.  He has acted in many Punjabi movies, but one I saw that was truly very amazing was “Shaheed-E-Mohabbat”.  His acting surpassed that of MANY actors who are hailed as stalwarts.  You have to watch that movie (and also Warris Shah) to know Gurdas Mann’s acting genius.

I personally saw him live twice when I studied in Delhi University.  I still remember how the “oh-so-hep” females of SRCC would squeal with delight at seeing him perform at their college – so handsome he is.  As Greek God-ish look as Dharmendra is possessed with!

He has come out with his latest album “Boot Polishan” – in which, in keeping with his style, he has given a message in every song.  Here in this video, he discusses all the songs and his thoughts around them.  Worth listening.  Also included is the video of his title song “Boot Polishan”.  This album is one of the fastest selling album in recent times brought out by Sony-BMG.

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