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Hiring of Techie Muslims by SIMI and across the world for terrorism

A 16 year old kid when arrested Hammad Munshi – unrelated to this case has been held guilty. He had been brainwashed to kill “non-believers” and was a computer enthusiast. He had a website and also would go to jehadi sites and distribute material on how to make bombs and kill.

There has been a deliberate attempt by SIMI honchos to recruit techies.  The group has been called Muslim Technical Persons Organization.  Three techies have been arrested recently Peedical Shibly, Yahya Kamakutty and Muzzamil Sheikh.

The techies are good planners – probably having the PMP certification?? – and they can hack in to systems and distract the agencies by sending emails through other people’s computers as was done in Gujarat bombings.  These guys also go around the internet getting the information on making bombs and other ways of killing.

The main criteria being looked into during the recruitment was that the persons should be well versed with computers and hacking. Their role was to hack into systems and send out mails prior and after terror attacks. This according to Nagori acted as a distraction to investigating agencies. Further they were also assigned the role of providing information relating to bomb making and the use of chemicals.

Why is this significant? I am positive that one of the reasons for targeting the techies is also to attack India’s strength in IT. If IT organizations and manpower can be infiltrated, then the MNCs will start asking a lot of questions on the integrity of their data being sent to India. So what will the IT organizations be forced to do?? They will stop hiring Muslims – which will create another storm from the pseudo-seculars – who will raise the point that not all Muslims are terrorist blah blah … but there is no answer to the question – WHO finds out which Muslims IS a terrorist and which one is NOT? Create that algorithm and then lets start tallking…

Now, as it becomes tough to hire and recruit people into the jehadi organizations, these organizations are using women to brainwash the youth.  The women force is called Shaheen Force.