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Indian Mujahideen techie turns approver

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Now, the Yahoo employee – Mohammed Mansoor Asghar Peerbhoy – who was the brain behind the hacking and sending of emails prior to the Delhi and Ahmedabad bomb blasts is turning approver.

Rakesh Maria, Joint Commissioner Mumbai police confirmed that Mansoor Peerbhoy has filed an application in the MCOCA court indicating that he wants to turn an approver and help the police build a case against other accused.

At least this will help Peerbhoy to save some of his skin and also help the Police get the information out on Indian Mujahideens to get their infrastructure neutralized!

Btw, you can even find Peerbhoy’s profile on LInkedin.

Frail and bespectacled, Peerbhoy, whose one brother is a chest specialist in UK and another an architect, was not bothered by his arrest or the punishment earlier.  He showed no remorse for all the mayhem that he and his colleagues had indulged in.

“We are ready to face any consequence,” he stoically remarked when one of his interrogators asked him whether he had ever paused to think what would befall him in the event of his being apprehended.
“We are not bothered about what happens in this life,” Mansoor snapped, revealing the depth of radical zeal that can turn educated and “regular” guys into jehadis who do not flinch from mass murders of innocents.

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