India’s $45 tablet – Aakash – succeeds commercially

The low cost tablet from the Indian Government seems to have been a rather unusual success.  In just two weeks of the launch, the sales topped 1.4 million units!

Now, the tablet is being used by Universities for their unique needs and be provided at a subsidized rate.

Work on innovations in India needs to transcend the cost reduction in products, and go to creating newer and useful products that work better for the Indian audience.

The University of Mumbai has received 25,000 requests for India’s first low-cost Android tablet, dubbed Aakash, with more requests expected for the device which has already seen over 1 million orders from commercial buyers since its debut. The tablet reportedly will cost students a subsidized rate priced at 1,138 rupees (US$23).
via India’s $45 tablet still selling like crazy – ZDNet.

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