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Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone - Issue #11 - Congress, Communists.. everyone was sold.. everyone!

Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone

Events in the past few years have brought an interesting insight to the fore for us all. That the erstwhile ruling elite, our intellectuals and newspapers are all compromised. And, they have tried to break India. You must have wondered if that is true? Let us look at how the Communist Soviets had infiltrated every aspect of our society and dictated every narrative in India - based on credible evidence.

everyone was sold... everyone!

A 1985 CIA declassified report went into the details of how the Soviets had pumped in huge amounts of cash and bought major Indian politicians - specifically in the Congress party during Indira Gandhi’s time.

Also, the Communist parties were heavily compromised.

Soviets also funded opposition parties including the Communist Party of India (CPI) and the CPI-Marxist “through a combination of kickback schemes, normal business transactions, and direct cash payments

Soviets paid Congress, CPI, CPI-M members even in Rajiv Gandhi era: CIA - The Economic Times

This continued into the Rajiv Gandhi rule, although he tried to reduce the influence of Moscow on India, says the report.


This continued even during Rajiv Gandhi’s government - where his own party and Communists were doing the bidding of the Soviets in India.

RK Laxman

RK Laxman

Every branch of Indian democracy was compromised. Indian newspapers like Times of India, the Hindustan Times, the Statesman and the Hindu were carrying Soviet propaganda material without questioning the source. Some papers like Blitz and Patriot were blatant in their pro-Soviet content. Others would create bogus sources.

Economic Times report

Economic Times report

Here is G. Edward Griffin’s shocking video interview of ex-KGB officer and Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov where he discusses the KGB infiltration into India. One of the people who was taken to Soviet Union, as “useful idiot”, was Sumitranandan Pant, the Hindi Poet who is seen standing next to Yuri at a KGB luncheon with alcohol bottles lying around.

Yuri Bezmenov | KGB | Espionage on Indian Government by KGB | CIA | Espionage

Yuri Bezmenov | KGB | Espionage on Indian Government by KGB | CIA | Espionage

So whatever you have read about India, its culture, and performance as a child and in your youth - was all propaganda. How does that make you feel?

… meanwhile

Tiktok Indian moderators have received guidelines for removing content against Chinese government. Do you see how these countries run their propaganda machinery?

why sabarimala had restrictions on women

Sinu Joseph has been interested in women’s issues in India. She became interested in the tradition in India where women of menstrual age were not allowed in some temples. Her quest took her to writing a book - Women and Sabarimala

This book is an answer to the question “why aren’t women of menstrual age allowed to enter Sabarimala?” This book presents a never-before discussed perspective on the science behind the restrictions on women in the Sabarimala temple. Here she shares her story and learning.

How Sabarimala impacts Menstrual Health - Sinu Joseph's talk on her book Women and Sabarimala

How Sabarimala impacts Menstrual Health - Sinu Joseph's talk on her book Women and Sabarimala

did you know?

The leftists have been against the Hindu symbols in order to destroy our traditions. One of the things they bring up is Swastika and how “Hitler used it”. The truth is that Hitler did not use Swastika, rather he used the term Haken Kreuz, which is the Christian symbol “Hooked Cross”. So when someone starts this discussion again, point them to Mein Kampf and the Christian legacy of Hitler’s symbol! Here is the link to the tweet below.

शून्य में सृजन - Shoonya mein Srijan by drishtikone • A podcast on Anchor

वो जीवन की दिशाहीन क्रिया का सन्नाटा ना बोलती चिडयों का गान ना इठलाते मोर का विस्तार


nota bene

The Indian army has given a proposal that seeks to allow the country’s youth to serve the military for three years under a new “tour of duty” (ToD) model

Meanwhile, Anand Mahindra has said that his companies will consider Indian Army’s 3-year ‘Tour of Duty’ recruits for jobs

Why the ex Army Chief and Union Minister VK Singh was forced to call out the peddling of fake news by Shekhar Gupta and call him #Coupta

The United States is on track to produce more electricity this year from renewable power than from coal for the first time on record, new government projections show, a transformation partly driven by the coronavirus pandemic, with profound implications in the fight against climate change

a sobering blast from the past for all of us

By Desh

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