Maratha – Mughal War : A Talk by Aneesh Gokhale

Maratha – Mughal War : A Talk by Aneesh Gokhale

Is it possible for an Army, nay, a Nation, to not only survive, but thrive and come out victorious of a War with an enemy many times stronger, without a towering leader? Not a random skirmish but a 27 year long War. Well, the Marathas did emerge stronger out of the gravest threat to the hopes of Hindu Resurrection, the foundation of the Hindavi Svarajya lay somewhere in this 27 year long test. What was the idea/dream which kept the Marathas above political ills and united for the cause of Svarajya ? Let’s gather and listen to someone who, through his research and inquisitiveness, has become a witness to sacrifices made for Svarajya, Shri Aneesh Gokhale.


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