MS Dhoni sings Mukesh song for the troops that exemplifies his amazing humility

MS Dhoni sings Mukesh song for the troops that exemplifies his amazing humility

While most of the celebrities are content to stay in the limelight and then enjoy the fruits of their labor by easing into luxurious life, the former Indian cricket captain is made of some other stuff.

He is currently in Jammu & Kashmir with the 106 TA Battalion (Para).  At arguably the most critical time in that area’s history!

He will be there until August 15th.  He has been undertaking patrol, guard and post duties there.  And like any other Army officer, he is doing his regular work.

During the off time from his duties, he has been enjoying a game of volleyball with his troops.

But the most interesting thing is how humble and down to earth, he is.  Being the celebrity and a legend in his own right that he is, Dhoni does not let the fact out of his mind, that at the end of the day he is mortal.  That just as he came and many others came before him, new faces and new legends will come after him.

So he was seen explaining that the world will move on and the show will go on as many better cricketers than he will come and much better audience will come after the one he was talking to.  Then he breaks into the popular “Main pal do pal ka shayar hun” from Kabhie Kabhie.

One should bow to such humility and sagely ways of someone who has accomplished so much in such a short time.

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