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In the last few years, Indian-Americans have become great fund raisers for the Presidential elections.  For example the NY

Resturanteur Sant Singh Chatwal has raised millions for Hillary Clinton.  So, a lot of smart politicians in the US want to do business with the Indian-Americans and have them on their side.

Obama is not unaware of that.  So what does he do?  The guy who has been swearing in every way he can about the infallibility of Christ as the only savior.. has been carrying a small idol of Hanuman, a Hindu God.  So, that helps him connect with the Hindus/Indians and makes him a topic of conversation in every Indian family living room engaged in the political process.

Actually Obama seems one who believes in a lot of charms:

– bracelet belonging to an American soldier deployed in Iraq,
– a gambler’s lucky chit,
– a tiny Hanuman and
– tiny Madonna and child

Politicians are by nature superstitious and prone to lucky charms so in that sense its not so astonishing.. but it is nevertheless fairly interesting.

Wonder if all these Gods and lucky charms will get him his goal?