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In our physical World the shortest distance between two points is the straight line that unites them. In our mental world everything is connected. Everybody and everything is part of this always expanding spiral. So the telepathic communication between two people is a simple matter of turning on the mental switch at one end of the rainbow, automatically the other end will be turned on.

We can use this principle when we wish to sell goods or a service. It would be a good new experience to think that we are placed mentally at one end of this rainbow, turn on our rainbow, so we will get an answer from the other side of the rainbow. As you have just seen the circle or part of it; it could be an arch, a spiral or a curved line.
  Another analogy is seen in telecommunications when they use the parabolic principle; even our parabolic antennas follow this principle. The short waves receivers and transmitters depend on this principle. When we need to increase the number of receivers than it will be a good idea to imagine a gigantic parabolic antenna about forty-five miles right just above a forty-five degree angle eastwards from where we live. This very real creation will allow us that our message will be captured by thousand, even million of human receptors. Our next step would be to go into a deep meditative receptive state to find out what we should do. Will we need to ask for an appointment in order to have a physical contact with people that need our services or goods? Should we, on other occasions send those faxes or e-mails? Perhaps to use the want add section of an important newspaper to get our message through? We should always keep in mind our honesty about the services or commodities offered, because sincerity will be our business card presentation.
Due to my opened mind and heart to help people I expect that these tips will help more than one human being.