To Pakistan – Its NOT a case of one "trial" but your State Policy!

Last updated on Sep 27, 2009

Posted on Sep 27, 2009

Mumbai attacks were carried out to strike at the foundation of Indian economy and send a message to all Indians and the Government.  The attack was, as is well known now, carried on by terrorist organizations, who have been under the patronage of the Governments of the day.. and their logistics did have the support/facilitation of the Pak Govt. actors.  Even now, the main accused Hafiz Sayed is free and being shielded by Pakistani Judiciary and the Executive.  The very sponsorship of the attackers bares the core intent of that state.  For India, Pakistan is a terrorist nation and an aggressor in Mumbai attacks.  So, just get ONE point loud and clear, Salman Bashir or whoever is thinking along his lines – this is NOT.. just NOT a matter of one “trial” or investigation but a matter of Pakistan’s State Policy!  I feel there is no need to have any kind of negotiation with Pakistan whatsoever.. overt or covert.  Nothing has been gained of it.. and nothing will be until their State Policy changes.

“The question is how do we move beyond this point. The relationship cannot be held or brought to a standstill because of a trial or one investigation,” Pakistan Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir said after meeting his Indian counterpart Nirupama Rao.
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