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Punishment to a Raped girl was fine but I'll let her go: Saudi King!

A 19 year old girl was sitting in a car with a guy in Saudi Arabia.  Seven men came and kidnapped them and gang raped the girl!  The rapists get 9 years in prison, while the girl herself gets Jail and 200 lashes!!  Why?  Well, she was with a guy .. alone!

So, not only was there no sympathy for the rape victim.. she was actually punished!

Around the world, people were mad and there was outrage – even the Saudi friend US President Bush came out and said that if the same thing had happened to one of his daughters, he would be “angry” at a government that didn’t protect the victim.

Now, the Saudi King has “pardoned” the victim.  Mind you, he hasn’t said that her sentence was wrong or inhuman.. but that now that she had the sentence, he is pardoning her!  That is even worse!

Either the people in that part of the world are just plain morons or they follow the edicts of a devil.  Honestly, who else would do such idiotic stuff.  The funny thing is that the outrage amongst the Muslim world is not even a fraction of what happened during the Cartoon controversy!  Speaks volumes of the priorities!