Think India – ABVP’s Innovative Internship program for IIM, IISc students to assist MPs

Think India – ABVP’s Innovative Internship program for IIM, IISc students to assist MPs

BJP’s student body, the ABVP, has started a “Think India” initiative.  It is a students’ forum to bind the students with an “Indian nationalistic string” to harness them as national treasure in furthering its aim of “national reconstruction”.  It is a forum for  researchers, professionals and students to come together and debate as well as present solutions to issues that the nation faces.  Some time back, Think India had approached BJP leader and Union Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi with respect to its innovative ‘Sansadiya’ — a parliamentary internship program.

This program received many applications from students and people from different backgrounds and walks of life.  Out of those 40 students were shortlisted.  These will now do internships with the MPs.

Forty students from the Indian Institute of Science, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, National Law School of India University and National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences were attached with the MPs for the first session of the 17th Lok Sabha, BJP parliamentary party secretary Balasubrahmanyam Kamarsu said. (Source: DNA India)

To link professionals from the premier institutes and professional backgrounds with the lawmakers is a great idea.  This will enable MPs to do a better job and also allow these professionals a view to how things can actually be improved and executed within India’s polity.

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