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 YEAR 1,222 today’s date. Place: your city or town of your choice.

The main purpose of this simple exercise is to really appreciate all our current everyday blessings.

Please try to see, listen to, smell and touch in your imagination the following:

1.-One very famous person.

2.-Two common means of transportation.

3.-Three common melodies.

4.-Four common fragrances.

5.-Five different kinds of fruit.

6.- Six coins.

7.-Seven  temples or churches.

8.-Eight  books.

9.-Nine streets.

10.- Ten houses.

11.- Eleven different weapons.

12.-Twelve different trees.

13.-Thirteen people and their clothing.

In order to start a new habit please get used to ask about three information questions for each item of all thirteen. After finishing this basic exercise use your internet to gather more information about this peculiar year. When we embark on Comparative History our horizon widens a lot, so every time we see Ancient time depicted in movies we will learn many apparently hidden facts. It would be a good idea to remember that for centuries worldwide things didn’t seem to experience great changes, for example the use of powder only was used in China not where else., So regarding explosions our ears weren’t used to listen to high sounds, with the exception of thunder storms and volcano eruptions.