Trans-Generational Trauma and Hindu Resistance | A Talk by Rajat Mitra

Trans-Generational Trauma and Hindu Resistance | A Talk by Rajat Mitra

Trans -Generational Trauma and Hindu Resistance : Western psychologists have examined in great detail the effects of collective intergenerational trauma faced by survivors of Jewish Holocaust and Armenian Genocide. Yet, the world is still in the dark about the transgenerational trauma faced by Hindus in India during genocidal violence of Islamic invasions in what was probably the world’s biggest holocaust, or in Will Durant’s words, ‘the bloodiest story in history.’

For the very first time, acclaimed clinical psychologist Rajat Mitra brings to the surface deep-seated psychological issues Hindu society itself is pitifully unaware of, fragmented as it is after surviving centuries of mass violence. Having missed out on crucial stages of Grief as they evolved mechanisms of the famed Hindu resistance, Hindus at long last seem to be awakening to their suffering and expressing their grief and anger in a resurgent swell of nationalism.

It is time, argues Rajat Mitra, that Hindus begin to research and tell the story of their historical trauma to show the world what their ancestors went through and how they sustained so that we, the present-day Hindus could survive.

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