US throws a paltry USD 8 mn aid to Pak for coronavirus after Imran Khan went asking

US throws a paltry USD 8 mn aid to Pak for coronavirus after Imran Khan went asking

US is giving aid to Pakistan.

We all know how bad the Pakistani economy is given the impact of corona / COVID-19.  Dressed in a casual sweat shirt, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan went to the world community on April 12th asking for alms – money for his nation during this situation.  And, in just one week, US has heard him.

And, they have granted him a few coins to get him out of their hair.  They are giving $8 million which translates into PKR 133.6 crores or INR 61.3 crores.

With more than USD 8 million in new contributions, the United States is collaborating with the Government of Pakistan to help stop the spread of coronavirus nationwide and to care for afflicted people, the US mission said in a video message. (Source: US provides USD 8 mn aid to Pak to help fight coronavirus | Business Standard News)

Just by comparison, the Indian corporates and celebs have made the following donations.

CompanyDonations (INR crores)
Adani Foundation100
Tata Sons and Tata Trusts1500
Wipro Enterprises Ltd and Azim Premji Foundation1125
Aditya Birla Group500
Jindal Power & Steel25
Akshay Kumar25

This comparison shows the seriousness of what US has given to Pakistan.  And, this funding is to be used for specific purposes, like:

  • providing three new mobile labs
  • fund high-tech emergency operation centers in Islamabad, Sindh, Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan (USD 1 mn)
  • train community healthcare workers to assist people in their homes to lessen the burden on hospitals ( USD 2 mn)
  • conduct life-saving activities in Afghan refugee and host communities in Pakistan (USD 2.4 mn)

When Imran Khan was sent out to get money, the probably Army thought that they could get some money for their livelihood as they would have been running out of money.

But with this paltry sum and that too tied to specific purposes, one wonders what the Pakistani Army can get out of it?

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