Padmasree now CTO and Chief Strategy Officer at Cisco

In yet another case of an Indian executive growing to the top of the ranks, Padmasree Warrior has been promoted in CISCO to Chief Technology and Strategy Officer position.  She was hitherto the CTO.

The current Chief Strategy Officer, Ned Hooper, has been let go.

Padmasree has a B. Tech (Chemical Engineering) from IIT Delhi (1982) and an M. Tech in Chemical Engineering from Cornell.  Prior to joining CISCO, she had risen to the level of Executive VP in Motorola.  She joined CISCO in December 2007.

The CISCO blog came out with the following statement:

After 13 years of exceptional service to Cisco, Ned Hooper will be leaving the immediate Cisco family to form an independent investment partnership company and to pursue his goal to be a principal investor.Ned has been working on his plan with us over a number of months, and we look forward to partnering with him in his new endeavor. Ned has a unique passion and skill for investment and strategy, and will focus on this in the next phase of his career. Ned pioneered the model for large-scale M&A at Cisco and drove significant transactions for the company such as Tandberg, WebEx, Airespace, Starent and NDS. Additionally, he has managed our $2B investment portfolio with both strategic and financial returns to the company.

It is heartening to see so many people of Indian Origin at the helm of the Global corporate world.

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