21st Century Slavery - a podcast

21st Century Slavery - a podcast

For those who may have missed our last issue, here is a podcast of the main introduction of that issue, that discusses how we are all victims of a new form of slavery.


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Image by Dr StClaire from Pixabay

When the Rishis declared “अहम् ब्रह्मास्मि” (Aham Brahmasmi) meaning “I am Brahman” where Brahman is the Universal Consciousness; it was an announcement that they had no identification left. For identification with anything - your nation, your gender, your family, your ideology, and in the end, your body - restricts you. It makes you work for that identity at the expense of everything else.

Those Rishis and Yogis were liberated of all identities and cycles of life. They were completely free.

The rest of us, however, are with identities. Identities that socially and psychologically, even civilizationally, define us.

When someone entraps our identities, they enslave us. What we are. What we identify with. What is important to us. And, what makes us, us!

The large tech companies with centralized platforms and data stacks of us, our families, our actions, our biologies, physiologies, finances, and all the rest of it have and are doing exactly that.

Entrapping our identities to enslave us and our communities.

You may roam around, as if free. Travel, party, love, cry, win, lose, play, and read as if all is normal. But you are on a leash. Someone knows what you do. Who you are. What you want and where you will go next. If you don’t, they will send whatever is at their disposal - bots, invites, algorithms, nudges, and data pokes - to make you do what they want. You may not know it. But that is what happens.

Your identity gone. Your data points surrendered. Your future fixed. Your beliefs and ideologies gamed and restricted. You are just a little robot with the delusion of freedom.

Welcome to slavery in the 21st century.

Here’s the link to the full newsletter edition - Issue #221 - Reclaiming Identity

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