25 Most Useful Twitter Applications

Last updated on Jan 29, 2009

Posted on Jan 29, 2009

Twitter, as we discussed earlier is a great tool out there and its popularity seems to keep growing all the time.  I have found this 25 apps, that I found most useful.  I have used some and find them great (Trackthis and Xpenser are two of the best for their use!).  If you have used any other apps that you have found to be really useful, please do share it with us as well!

Enjoy and manage your life with a bit of brevity as you go along.

  1. Twitter search – This is the only search function actually hosted by Twitter. It’s extremely easy to use and offers comprehensive results.
  2. Twellow – An application similar to Twitter search except that you can search by categories (which makes results more targeted).
  3. TwitDir – I like TwitDir because it offers a search function and breaks Twitter users into categories like the top 100 people followed and top 100 updaters.
  4. TwitterMail: It offers basic email interface and a post to the future feature.
  5. MessageDance: integrates your Twitter mail into your MySpace, FaceBook and other social networking accounts
  6. InnerTwitter: Reminds you to stop and listen to chime to take your mind off the work and be closer to meditation.
  7. TweetStats: Graph your Twitter stats and keep in touch
  8. TweetScan: Sifts through the thousands of Tweets for search words.
  1. twitterTroll: real-time Twitter search engine
  2. GroupTweet: private message to a group of Twitter friends
  3. Hashtags: Add tags to Twitter posts
  4. SecretTweet: Tweet secretly without your name or IP Address recorded!
  5. SnapTweet: Post Flickr pictures on Twitter.
  6. TweetCube: you can Share your files via Twitter with TweetCube
  7. Twibler: automatically post your new eBay listings to your Twitter account.
  8. Twitter-Yahoo sync: Yahoo Messenger Twitter Sync Plugin
  9. Twubble: searches your friend graph and picks out people who you may like to follow.
  10. Twit+: new service that works on top of twitter that lets you twitter with pictures or video and also privately send files to your twitter friends
  11. TwitterCal: Lets you add events to your Google Calendar by tweeting.
  12. twitter100: See the tweets by all you follow on one page in a great UI
  13. Tweetburner: Tracking the links you share – how many times is it clicked on etc
  14. Commuterfeed: Share and get traffic reports tweeted by people.
  15. TrackThis: get updates of your shipment using Twitter and supports FedEx, UPS, USPS and DHL tracking codes
  16. Twitter Answers: Q&A mashup using Twitter and Mosio. It enables you to ask any question using Twitter and have it answered by real people like yourself.
  17. Xpenser: Record your expenses using Twitter through email, SMS, IM, voice, etc

Recommendation: Here is an excellent link on Squidoo with a list of over 275 apps.

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