On Vacation

On Vacation
“The price of life is eternal vigilance.” ― Graham Greene, The Heart of The Matter

This weekend we are on vacation. Will be driving back home when I usually send out the newsletter.

There was so much to write about. So much to discuss but couldn't. Will find time during the weekend to share my thoughts on why the current Indian elections is so very important. Why it is so very important to vote for everyone.

Above all, why India has only one choice as of now. And, that one choice that India has is really the only choice even the world has going forward in the right direction and break the stranglehold of a few.

Vote - The world may depend on your action

Please vote carefully like the world depends on your vote. Because it does!

Some may or may not agree with Modi, but as we have seen with others' stated and actioned missions, India will witness one of the greatest replacement and genocidal situations in a matter of a generation.

Remember - to be worth anything, access to power is the prerequisite. Without power, your views are just that - your views. With power, your views can become decisions.

To understand Modi, you need to understand the pulls and needs of power. Those who couldn't win a local election, suddenly feel they are empowered to give lessons to him on power equations.

Before this man achieved it, Dharma has not had access to nationwide power to effect change for thousands of years. Even when Shivaji and Guru Tegh Bahadur and then Guru Gobind Singh walked the country's land, it was that demon Aurangzeb who destroyed their families and ran one of the worst genocidal regimes in Indian history.

That is his significance.

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