40 Amazing and Insightful Marketing Infographic Charts

Eloqua has created an Infographic series – Modern Marketing Insights – which looks closely at the Social media impact on marketing using Big Data Analysis. You can also download a free e-book from here.

  • Some of the interesting insights:
  • Dynamic content can improve conversions by 50%?
  • Emails sent on a Saturday get the highest number of click-throughs
  • When influencers share your content on social it can result in a dramatic increase in traffic and conversions?
  • Average Eloqua client traffic is up 15x, while those using StumbleUpon are up 40x!
  • Companies with revenues under $150M drive FAR more traffic than enterprise marketers can.
  • Automated pre- and post- webinar reminders can increase attendance by 32%

In this post, I wanted to share the insights about the social media sites and what their impact is.

Starting with


Amazing impact on Revenue from FACEBOOK ADVERTISING


t.co shortener drives traffic and insights

The Number of Videos that people are watching on Video Streaming sites like


has increased considerably!

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