4th Generation Ultrabooks will be Touch-screen, detachable and retail for under $600; available by end 2013

We all know how the Tablets are eating into the world of laptops and PCs.  Well now it is the time for the Laptop-world to hit back the Tablet-monster where it hurts the most.  By end of this year, we may have Ultrabooks – thin Notebooks, which will require Touch and will actually retail for less than $600!  So spake Intel at the

Today at its CES event, Intel made the claim that by the end of 2013, the market will enjoy the presence of $599, touch-enabled Ultrabook laptops. The company also stated that the devices will be required to support touch input. Finally, Intel promised functional “all day battery life.”

Actually the next generation Ultrabooks will go further than just price point competition.  Even the entire form factor war will change course.  It can become laptop and tablet on the go when needed.

Even more, Intel’s reference machine detaches its keyboard from the screen, making it into a tablet on the go, quickly. Intel therefore intends to take the Ultrabook market and make it into a form factor in which convertible machines rule the roost. Directly describing its reference machine and others like it, Intel stated that they will cost around $799 and $899.


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Intel demands ultrabooks add touchscreens

Intel demands ultrabooks add touchscreens

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