5 Most Spectacular Pools in the World to Swim in Before You Die

This is summer time in most of the world and many places are reeling under tremendous a heat wave.  Temperatures in North India, for example, have touched over 51 Celsius!  In such a weather, there is nothing like a swimming pool.  So, we went looking for the dream destinations for pools that make us drool!  Some of these are just mindbogglingly amazing places.

#1: Hotel Caruso: Amalfi Coast, Italy

The Infinity pool at the 50 room Hotel Caruso is just simply stunning!  It overlooks the stunning Amalfi Coast and has been a dream for many centuries now.  Room cost: $800/night!!




Photo Credit: Hotel Caruso

#2: Hotel El Ganzo: San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

The 2013 square feet Infinity pool with a glass walled hot tub has stunning views on the rooftop of the El Ganzo, a 72-room boutique hotel in San Jose del Cabo.


Photo Credit
#3: Ubud Hanging Gardens Hotel, Bali

Truly spectacular multi-level pool set amongst the rice fields of Central Bali in the Ayung River valley at the

Ubud Hanging Gardens Hotel.  

It is said that the pool mimics the shape and beauty of the hills nearby. You can swim along the edge and enjoy the ancient Pura Penataran Dalem Segara temple view just behind the pool.

lifebuzz-7b5dded8516791236955a4c588b28274-limit_2000 (1)

#4: Nandana Villa, Grand Bahama, Bahamas

This pool, very minimalistics in its entire set up and layout gets dramatic as it seems to suddenly drop into the Atlantic suddenly.  The pool area has just half a dozen teak sun beds and a few palms.

Nandana, Bahamas

#5: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

The Infinity pool at the Marina Bay Sands hotel – designed by architect Moshe Safdie – is the highest such pool in the world.  It towers over at a height of 650 ft (200 m) above the ground over three skyscrapers this 492 ft (150 m) pool stretches across Sands Skypark giving an amazing view of the city state.

maxresdefault (2)

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