9-11, Pakistan ISI, and the Cover up by US Government

Last updated on May 12, 2009

Posted on May 12, 2009

We have reported time and again, with the ONLY report links available in the media, on this revelation – i.e; that Lt Gen Mahmood had directed Sayeed Sheikh to wire $100,000 to Mohd. Atta.[Report #1].  The tremendous effort that went in to obfuscate the truth by the Republican Government led by Dick Cheney (come on.. Bush was just a toy!) – is indeed amazing!

What the FBI agent Glass reveals here in this piece about the intention of the ISI Agent RG Abbas who says in an undercover wiretap that his purchases were financed by Bin Laden are indeed SHOCKING!  Specially when you listen to Glass narrating what Abbas told him when they came out of the NY restaurant pointing towards the World Trade Towers.  Truly shocking EVEN for me.. who has very closely followed this story ever since it first appeared in TOI and then on WSJ!

Here is another story which I refer to in my story linked above – the air corridor from Kunduz, Afghanistan to Pakistan.  The guy in this video is one of the BEST investigative journalist in the US – probably the ONLY real truthful one.  He also came out with the story of sex abuses in Abu Gharaib.

Here is another interesting story from CNN.. by Nick Roberts on the link between ISI and Al Qaeda:

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