It is exagerated the abuse regarding squares and rectangles in our daily lives. Here are just some examples:monitors, tv screens, frames depecting pictures, paintings, diplomas, walls, furniture, home appliances, tables, chairs,doors, windows, lamp shades, photographs, theater screens, houses, buildings,shoe boxes, cars, trucks, buses, etc.We are living in a very square world, forgetting the it is beautifully round!
Recently I’ve been checking a normal interior and exterior of a normal American house in the ninteen eghties, and it is amazing how these people uses a lot of circles, arches, domes a lot more than us at current times. Both the square and the rectangle give us the idea of somethig very stable, so  it really lacks the natural movement of Mother Nature. Circles are the best examples of movement, harmony and steady change.So spirals, curved lines, arches and domes are urgently needed by us human beings. Even our bodies have this so needed curvatures.The same over use of straight lines: vertical, horizontal and inclined is also noted.How do imagine Divine Love flowing toward us?In straight line or in a beautiful curved line?How do you imagine the heart of your love one? It isn’t squared shaped. Is it? How do you see your life walking? Going straight ahead or turning around and around until you reach your destiny? How do rivers flow? How does our blood circulate?How are shaped our natural symbols? Are tree leaves squared shaped? Are trunk trees cilinder shaped?
How are our creative hands shaped?How are our windows of our souls shaped?
Thank you! Ijust wanted to call your kind attention to this topic.

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