Afridi used Sachin's bat for his 37-ball record century

Last updated on Apr 30, 2009

Posted on Apr 30, 2009

Did you know that when Shahid Afridi scored his first and the fastest century in One Day cricket in Nairobi against Sri Lanka (in 37 balls)… he used Sachin’s bat?  Yes, in an interview, he said that the bat was given to him by Waqar Younis to try out.  Obviously it remains a prized possession of his.

Sachin has given the bat to Waqar to have a similar bat made from Sialkot.  Am not sure whether Sachin ever got his Sialkot bat though… but his own bat did go around doing a lot of damage to the bowlers around the world, just as it would have done in his own hands.

Afridi had hit 11 sixes and six fours in that innings.

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