Am Done with Friends.. Now I have 800 FOLLOWERS.. on Twitter!

Ok, have you been on twitter?  I have been for sometime and I have been enriched by some of the useful discussion and cross-fire that goes around.  By many accounts, twitter is the next big thing.. and many say that Google is also interested in it.

I think its strength is that its like a giant IM where you are talking to a lot of people – who have an interesting term for people connected to you: “Followers”.  Not friends or connections… FOLLOWERS!   Twitter makes one feel like a leader from the get go.  And I guess one was tired of having friends in real life.. and needed some “followers”.  Its time I had some “Guru moments” myself!  So, what do you know.. I get 800 FOLLOWERS.  That’s a huge number of suckers running after a zombie with a blog! 🙂  I may not be an Obama with 80% rating in a country.. but I have the next best thing.. 800 world wide “smart” and tech-savvy FOLLOWERS!  Everyone of them is worth it!

Are you on twitter?  And how many Followers do you have?

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