Pakistani Nuke Blasts Lies from Gohar Ayub Khan

Pakistani Nuke Blasts Lies from Gohar Ayub Khan

The problem with some commentators and “analysts” in Pakistan is that they like to play to the gallery. Very few come out with the truth in media. There is a joker called Gohar Ayub Khan in Pakistan. He was also a foreign minister in the past. He was the one who also once before made an allegation against Sam Maneckshaw that simply made him a pariah in his own country – for which the first Field Marshall gave so much.

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Now he comes out with another book, and makes a completely asinine statement:

Pakistan was ready to launch a full-fledged air assault on “pre-selected targets” in India in 1998 had New Delhi tried to disrupt its nuclear tests

To the idiots and jokers – like Arundhati Roy and all the peaceniks of India – the decision to go nuclear by India was “an act of aggression”. But those who had even an inkling of the rampant and the crazy proliferation going on between China, North Korea, and Pakistan and then from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia, Iran, Libya and elsewhere know that FAR from being an act of aggression it was actually an act of “Self Defense”! India WANTED Pakistan to do the tests! THAT, the smart people believed, was the ONLY way to put the spotlight on the Pakistani Nuclear program and therefore, by proxy have the proliferation by China and North Korea show in its dim light. For, at that time the US State Department had virtually become the biggest shield for the Pakistani proliferation machine.

So, to suggest that India was planning to attack to “stop” Pakistan from doing the tests is utter and absolute nonsense. Indian administration actually used the typical testosterone-powered Punjabi mind that has plagued that nation’s helm. And thankfully, it succeeded. If Indian intelligence had any smarts.. it would probably have been paying the people to take out more marches and shout slogans in support of doing a nuclear test!

By the way, this guy also throws another spanner in the works:

“Pakistan had information and blueprints of the Indian nuclear projects given gratis after the 1984 attack on the Golden Temple,”

Okayyy.. so what does that mean? Who gave the blueprints “gratis”? He seems to be pointing to Sikh militants after 1984 or some disenchanted Sikhs in general. All I can say is …. Nice Try! 🙂

As if in all these years from 1984 to 1998, the position of the Indian nukes would have been the same and not changed. And if Pakistan really knew of the positions, then Kargil War was the ideal time for them to exercise that intelligence, which they obviously didn’t.

What Pakistani leaders demonstrate is typical Punjabi bravado… which is so enmeshed in halluncinating semantics that others start believing in it. One of these days, we need a PM in India who is a hard core Punju and can call the Pakistani bluff once and for all. Like I often say, one can discount a Punjabi’s assertion by almost 100%. In case of defense matters, you can reduce that percentage to 98%. So, apart from 2%, rest is all nonsense!

Reference Links;

1. ‘Pak was ready to launch air assault on India in 1998’

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