Applying Knowledge to Action

Last updated on Jul 22, 2008

Posted on Jul 22, 2008

This beautiful morning a sudden inner thought reached my objective consciousness to be shared with you. Here it is.

“If you’re on the right track, God and Its Laws will provide the necessary means to accomplish your dreams”.

Now let’s examine the above thought carefully. We’re on the right track when we’re doing our best to share our unique combined skills, attributes, and numerous abilities for the benefit of humanity. Allow me to illustrate this. “Being on the track, means that we’re an active person, not a passive one. We’ve decided to try even though we can fail in our attempts. We know if we continue trying sooner or later we’ll succeed.”

Every time we initiate an action we’re using the technique of the master. The good news is that every effort done by us counts a lot, even with small efforts. It is most of the times it is the sum of small efforts that accomplish much more than when we carry out a big one. Besides our actions will find a lot of positive echoes in many people, who at the same time will make other people act in spite of difficult situations.

Because we’re active positive people we must try to apply our knowledge.

There’s a common saying. “KNOWLEDGE IS POWER” I don’t agree at all with this unfinished saying. To be it should say. “Knowledge is power when there is practical application of it”.

Our big question would be this one. How much of my accumulated knowledge I’ve applied in solving problems, and improving things?

Have I awaken, develop, and perfection all my talents? We have to be totally honest about it.  To succeed in this endeavor we must become living question marks. By acquiring this habit pretty soon we’ll see the big difference. Here I wish to let you know that Thanks to God’s inspiration a very practical idea came to my mind. To create a specific methodology used as a complementary educational program. The name given was THE APPLIKOM PROJECT. With this project people will be able to understand much better their mental calibers, and the importance in comprehending mother Nature. It will demand only fifteen minutes a day for a whole year to obtain all its benefits. Optimism is another key word for us. By always smiling at life it will surely smile at us. I really thank you for reading this. As always with tons of Divine Love flowing from my heart to your hungry hearts very, very humbly your friend in our special path.

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