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Are Men more Efficient Shoppers than Women?

I still remember going shopping for dresses for my sisters in Lucknow with my colleagues (Chikan Salwar-Kameez).  The ladies would keep looking at one dress after another and end up buying something that I thought was not the best design or dress.  I would stay sitting down either dozing off or talking to someone and then in the last 10 mins would point out 3 dresses on the shelf and usually, I got the best of the lot.

I hate going to the mall unless I have to buy something specific. Whenever I need to buy my wife some new indian clothes I much prefer to shop online as there is so much more choice. For me, I do not like to go to the mall unless I am desperate. My wife, however, can spend hours there browsing all the stores.

Well, a study has now made it official… women are less efficient shoppers.  The study was done in Britain with 3,000 men and women.  Here are the conclusions:

– Men are better with cash, with 56 percent saying they would happily wait until something they liked was in a sale
– Men look at quality over cost.  70 percent of men also prefer to spend more money on quality items that will last, while women go for the cheapest item, regardless of quality.
– Men get what they want, while women often also get what they never wanted!  Eight out of 10 females often go home with goods they had no intention of buying, however, almost a third of men say they always get their desired items.
– Men spend less time (to get what they want) while women spend more time shopping (to get what they didn’t want!).  Women spend almost seven hours a month shopping, men take just five hours.

Some women might say that the reason why women spend more time is because they are looking to buy something “different” (peer pressure) or they are looking at both, quality and budget.  But the result is still the same.

However, having said all this, one cannot generalize.  I am sure there are enough women who are targeted buyers and men who buy regardless of anything.

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