Are Pakistani Nukes in danger of going to Jehadis?

Are Pakistani Nukes in danger of going to Jehadis?

It is a common whine by many so-called “Political and Defense analysts” of Pakistan that US is after their Nukes. And, for that – actually in order to facilitate such an eventuality, US has been trying to suggest that Pakistan’s Nukes are vulnerable and will be using that as a pretext to “take out” its Nukes.

This is a very interesting argument. Every Conspiracy theorists uses the very reality as a conspiracy and turns it on its head to make it look like aggression. Please see the two videos below:

In the first video, there is an argument between Pervez Hoodbhoy, an ex Nuclear Physicist of Pakistan and now a political commentator, and Zaid Hamid, a rabid Anti-Indian, Anti-Jew and Anti-American “Defense analyst”. Zaid Hamid is the mastermind conspiracy theorist in Pakistan. He goes about concocting all types of stories and arguments that he presents with a lot of conviction.

If one were to witness the political speak of Pakistani establishment and commentators since 1980s, one would be struck with the chutzpah and ability to talk complete nonsense with a lot of conviction. Here Zaid Hamid demonstrates that. Dr. Hoodbhoy says that Pakistan has illegally proliferated Nuclear centrifuges to Libya, Iran and North Korea. This fact has been borne out in the AQ Khan exposure and very well written about by Adrian Levy in “Deception”. Hoodbhoy also refers to the various daring attacks that Jehadis are doing on Pakistani establishment properties which are very wel guarded. And, if they are in danger, then it is very possible that Nukes can also not be very far off.

Interestingly, I find Pakistani rhetoric against America on its attempts to victimize Pakistan as disingenuous lies. To hear it from the horse’s mouth as it were, listen to another rather rabid Pakistani G


eneral, Hamid Gul. Please focus on the the footage from 3.55 onwards, where he discusses how Pakistan used US and its need to fight the Soviets for its own use. How Pakistan “used US to the hilt” for its purposes. A fact, also borne out by Levy in his book.

If someone has practically gven you the Nukes and bank-rolled with easy grants despite your transgressions, then it is extremely disingenous on part of you, if you go around accusing, blaming and abusing that person.

There is no sane reason why US should have helped Pakistan get the Nuclear reactor and the weapons, the way they did. But, be as it may, the genie has become the greatest threat to US itself!

A new report is suggesting that Atlantic and the National Journal have said in a joint report has said that Osama Bin Laden’s mission by the US has spread fear in the establishment in Pakistan. They fear that now Nukes could also be under threat.

And, to save the Nukes from the US threat, the establishment responsible (Strategic Plans Divisions (SPD), which is charged with safeguarding Pakistan’s atomic weapons) for its safety has been moving the parts from place to place very rapidly. Worse, it is done in unsecured vehicles which are susceptible to attack.

Khalid Kidwai, the retired general who leads the SPD, expanded his agency’s efforts to disperse components and sensitive materials to different facilities, it said.
But instead of transporting the nuclear parts in armoured, well-defended convoys, the atomic bombs “capable of destroying entire cities are transported in delivery vans on congested and dangerous roads,” according to the report.
The pace of the dispersal movements has increased, raising concerns at the Pentagon, it said.

But the “confidence” grandstanding continues from Pakistan establishment. Says an official:

“Of all things in the world to worry about, the issue you should worry about the least is the safety of our nuclear program.”

Yeah right!

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