Astrology and Karma

Last updated on Dec 6, 2009

Posted on Dec 6, 2009

It is my personal conviction that the reason why astrology succeeds is because the mankind in general does not “get” the Karma theory.  And astrology ASSUMES that, so whatever it “predicts” is based on the past affecting the future.

Let me explain:

Karma theory can be summed in ‘Cause andf Effect” – not necessarily good or bad.. just cause and effect.  For example,  if a person decides to start living in Bombay… after 10 years, he has a heart attack.  Now he had a heart attack because of his decision to have a particular life style not because he had done some “bad deeds”.

We only had an “original action”.  Beyond that its always been a “Reaction” and the results to the reaction.  And these series of reactions build a “Karmic Database”.  So, if I like to run fast when I see a train.. that becomes a Karmic entry.  Whenever – even in future lives – I see something that resembles a train, I will REACT the same way.  Our response to the situations are dictated by our KArmic Database.

The Enlightenment or Realization is nothing more that breaking the link between Result and Reaction.  When someone does only ACTION.  That is what Krishna meant in Gita and that is what Krishnamurti meant when he said that you should live in the present moment and not bring the baggage of the past to the present.  Its not that the Enlighteneds don’t continue to face the results of the Sanchit and Prarabdh Karmas (past karmas), but just that they don’t REACT to them now and so stop registering any more entries into the Karmic Database.

Now, if you see there is no way, humanly, to completely document all the Result-to-Reaction entries for all souls in any database.  So, the Astrologers used an ingenious method of “Proxy”.  The planets in your chart represent an summarized form of your “Karmic Database” while the constellations happening represent the way in which that Karmic Database will manifest in future for you if you continue in the REACTION mode.

I am convinced that the moment you break the connection, or become enlightened, the astrology will fail after that.  A chart may point to a person having a good chance of reaching that state… but the accuracy of how a particular situation / time / constellation will “affect” a person, after he/she has become a “Jeevan-mukt” (as Vedas call the Karmically free individual who still lives), will reduce condierably.  In fact, a Realized Master can control his/her own actions and result.. even to the extent of where he/she will be born if he/she has to come back.  That mastery over what happens necessitates a BREAK in RESULT-REACTION mode!!

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