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Bad customer service losses of Indian companies about $2.5 bn a year!

Indian companies have very little idea of how to use the web.  Honestly.  Most of the websites of the top papers and portals in India have been SO POOR!  Pop-ups and unnecessary ads abound.  The e-commerce stuff either doesn’t work or are just too clunky.  Check out even the best sites and you get something totally useless.  On the contrary, go to a US based site and you know how it should be done.

Now, it comes as no surprise that Indian businesses lose USD 2.5 BILLION a year due to bad customer service.  The service is so bad that majority abandoned their transactions or terminate their relationships with the company itself.  Quite simply the Indian companies need some waking up!

Reference Links:

1. ‘India loses Rs 11,640-cr every year on poor customer service’