Beheading in Buffalo and the Lunatic Fringe!

Last updated on Feb 18, 2009

Posted on Feb 18, 2009

Muzzammil “Mo” Hassan came to the police station to tell them that his wife had died at their home.  When they went there they saw that her body was in the hallway and her head was lying near by.  She had been beheaded!

Mo Hassan runs Bridges TV with the aim of “bridge cultural divide between the West and the Muslims”.  Described as a gentle guy – traditional yet not very religious.  For example, he wouldn’t let women in his office if his wife was not there or had blocked a story on the first Muslim woman to win the title of Miss England in 2005.

While some suggest that it was his traditionality that made him copy the method of killing that is popular among the Islamists back home in Pakistan because of Honor Killing; others suggest that he resorted to this action because of a domestic dispute gone bad!

What do the people of the community say?  Well, I keep getting unsolicited emails from this overzealous guy who goes by the name Syed Adeeb with his Islamic rants every now and then.  His email made me aware of this news item a few days back.  He has some questions… which really follow a stereotypical direction in the end:

1. Who really killed Bridges TV ex-General Manager Aasiya Zubair
2. Did Muzzammil S. Hassan chop off the head of his estranged wife
Aasiya Zubair Hassan? If yes, then why? If no, then who is behind this
heinous crime?
3. What was the motive or what were the reasons for the murder of
Aasiya Z. Hassan?
4. What really happened in the past, during and after the murder,
which can provide some leads or more information about this gruesome
beheading of a Pakistani-American-Muslim woman in Buffalo, New York?
5. Did Israeli ZionCons, Israeli Mossad, or other enemies of Muslims
murder Aasiya Zubair Hassan to frame, blame and defame Muzzammil
Hassan to harm or shut down the Bridges TV of American-Muslims?
Indeed, the mysterious murder in which her neck was cut off from her
body with an unknown weapon is deeply suspicious.

And it is this nonsense of pushing the mess created by a Muslim.. ANY Muslim who can breathe.. to an American, Christian, Jew or a Hindu; that has created a sense of useless and fake sense of victimization amongst the Muslim youth… pushing them toward Jehad!  The root of the Jehadi issue is HERE!!  The world needs to challenge this lunatic fringe.. and until the world can challenge and eliminate such mindsets, defeating Jehadis will be a dream!  “Understanding” this mindset is NOT going to solve the problem.  Such lunatics have to get REAL!

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