Bhagat Singh coins released by Government in an Opportunistic ploy

A face saving ploy and a populist move by the very Government which was calling  Shaheed Bhagat Singh as a terrorist?

One doubts it is a change of heart or some sudden interest in his martyrdom.  It is an opportunistic step at best.

The Bhagat Singh aficionados’ are elated over union government decision of introducing Rs. 5 coins having legendary martyr picture. The reserve bank of India(RBI) has announced to soon introduce coins devoted to martyr’ birth anniversary with Bhagat Singh picture on one side of the coin.
Incidentally Bhagat Singh’ centenary was observed in September 2007. Earlier a set of Rs 100 and Rs 5 commemorative coins was introduced in 2010 but only as a souvenir. Earlier Bhagat Singh too had been termed as terrorist.
via Source.

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