Bigotry in the name of Secularism

Last updated on Jul 5, 2010

Posted on Jul 5, 2010

To understand how blatant bigotry is perpetuated in the name of “Secularism”, here is a news article which does a great job.

The headline of the article says: “Rule book says officer must be a Hindu” – by which it is ostensibly implied that by naming a religion for an officer’s appointment there is an inherent conflict with Secular ideals of India.

Now, lets look at what the situation is: Ostensibly the lease of some people occupying Lakshmi Janardhan temple is over and the Mandya Deputy Commissioner, PC Jaffar, is not able to evict them.  Because, according to Hindu Religious Institutions and Charitable Endowments Act, 1997:

The Commissioner and every deputy commissioner or assistant commissioner and every other officer or servant, appointed to carry out the purposes of this Act by whomsoever appointed, shall be a person professing Hindu Religion and shall cease to hold the office as such when he ceases to profess that religion.

So, Mr. Jaffar cannot carry out the orders.

Now, the Times of India reporter, Naheed Ataulla, in his infinite wisdom posits the following argument regarding this scenario:

“has thrown up questions about the idea of secularsim in administration itself”

Do you see the absurdity of the situation?  The Government of India has taken upon itself to manage the Hindu religious institutions and temples (which it doesn’t do, btw, for Christians or Muslims).  And as a saving grace, it has in the act governing these temples that at least the people incharge of running, deciding stuff will be professed and practising Hindus.

In our skewed social framework of 2010, this has become an issue of Secularism, because it probably introduces the element of religion in posting of IAS functionaries!

Well, the answer and the solution is simple.  Abrogate the Act, and let a Hindu body manage its own institutions and temples!  Is that such a tough thing to understand?

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Rule book says officer must be a Hindu

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