BJP MP shares video accusing Arvind Kejriwal government of providing worm-infested food to the poor during the lockdown

BJP leaders shares a video of meal provided by AAP government in Delhi, accuses them of serving worm-infested food to the poor

— Consider reading the article BJP MP shares video accusing Arvind Kejriwal government of providing worm-infested food to the poor during the lockdown on OpIndia website —

As the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak has brought the country to a screeching halt due to the countrywide lockdown announced by PM Modi, the destitute and the needy are the ones who have largely borne the brunt of the crippling lockdown restrictions. Following PM Modi’s call for a nationwide lockdown, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had announced that he would help the needy tide over the current situation by providing them with free meals. However, now it is being alleged that the food provided by the AAP government in Delhi is worm-infested and unfit for human consumption.

In a video shared by the BJP MP Parvesh Sahib Singh, a lady from Delhi’s Seemapuri area is seen criticising the Delhi government for providing worm-infested food to them at a time when the country is grappling with the menace of coronavirus.

“On one hand, coronavirus threatens to snuff out our lives. On the other hand, the Delhi government wants us to die of this worm-infested food. Besides being half-cooked, the food that is distributed by the Delhi government is infested with insects. We will die and our children will also die after consuming such worm-ridden food,” a woman in the video says.

Lambasting Arvind Kejriwal-led Delhi government, the West Delhi Lok Sabha MP challenged the AAP supremo and the AAP legislators in Delhi if they could themselves consume such an unhealthy food that is being served to the destitute and poor amidst the coronavirus crisis.

Arvind Kejriwal government, after having tripped over the migrant workers’ issue, declared with much fanfare that daily 4 lakh people will be provided with free food in Delhi. “No one will sleep hungry,” Arvind Kejriwal had then said. However, now the helpless indigents living in Delhi are forced either to remain hungry or explore other options to fulfil their food requirements, owing to the substandard quality of food served to them by the Delhi government.

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