Blogging Mental Block

I have been hit with this sudden bout of mental block for blogging.  I have not been able to blog recently.  One of the reasons is that my blog site has been evolving and another, that I was in India for a little over 2 weeks, where the connection was not there with me.

I am thinking of adding a lot more content on this blog – specifically reference kind of content.  Like commentaries on History, Politics, Economics etc.  The idea is that since this is a very topical blog, it might be useful to have a ready information section here which can be accessed by anyone.  It also may be a good way to have more audience.  Everyday’s newszy kind of commentary is nice and useful for people but it is important to make this a more “thinking” site.  A place where people can come to learn and get informed.

If you have any content on Indian history and art that you can share in the public domain, please feel free to do so.  At some point I will also some more features and functionalities that can enliven the community here.

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