Blogging is my hobby, not my profession.  I have worked with different platforms for blogging – Blogger, LiveJournal, MovableType, Mambo and now Drupal.  The last two are really Content Management Systems (CMSs).  Now, I would like to share my experience by helping others get online.

If you need a site like this one using Drupal as the platform with the following features, please contact me:

– Blogging
– Multiple Users Registration (Auto or with Approval)
– Sharing of Articles, or any other content.
– Different Users Groups
– RSS feeds aggregator
– Users with their own contact directories
– Private Messaging amongst the users
– Daily Random quotes or any other content
– Book Reviews
– Recipes Sharing
– Currency Conversion tool
– Gmail-style Invites for users to send out
– Each user has a Stock Monitoring page.
– Users can choose their own theme amongst over a dozen.

All this comes with hosting – where you get a space of 5 GB and Bandwidth of 1 GB.

The price for all this?

Set up is USD150
And Annual payment is USD120

Alternatively you could also look into other hosting services, for example HostiServer gives you as much bandwidth as you want as well as looking at others for price and service comparisons.

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