Bob Woodward nails Trump in his book ‘Fear: Trump in the White House’

Bob Woodward nails Trump in his book ‘Fear: Trump in the White House’

In an explosive book “Fear: Trump in the White House“, Bob Woodward, the respected journalist, who brought down Richard Nixon’s presidency through his stellar work, has written another book which might end up doing it all over again.

The allegations in the book are damning and incredible for a leader of a country like the US.  Bob Woodward, on his end has lots of backup material and he has recorded the interviews as well.

Trump book 6

So he really has left nothing to chance.  Here are some of the revelations:

Can you believe it?  The White House staff is stealing documents from the President’s desk so he may not sign it and jeopardize the world and the US?  Wow, that is surely the lowest it can ever go to!

Here is Don Lemon on the whole controversy surrounding the book.

But the analysis that I really liked and found insightful was the one by Chris Cuomo.

What one finds most incredible is how the Trump lackeys are still trying to back him up and shield him.  What is it that Trump has on them that they cannot even grow a spine?  These are the guys whom Trump humiliates and mocks day in and day out and yet they cannot stand for themselves!

That will forever remain a mystery.

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