Book launch of "Corporate Blogging in India"

I somehow ran into the book launch of the book “Corporate Blogging in India”, where a panel was there with the two authors: Rajeev Karwal and Preeti Chaturvedi.  Also along with them was the now regular face of Sanjeev Bikchandani, the CEO of Naukri.  Also on the panel was the Dr. Jagdish Sheth the Marketing professor at Goizuetta Business School at Emory University.

I glanced through the book and found it pretty interesting.  Preeti is a journalist who it seems blogs on Social media stuff, while Rajeev a CEO at Milagrow Business and Knowledge Solutions blogs about what he learned from his teachers.

The book has some case studies and thoughts on how blogging can be used in business to further and improve on the image and market the corporate itself.  I thought it was pretty useful at first glance for the uninitiated.

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