Boston Marathon Terror Attacks: Is it an Islamic terror attack?

Yesterday I was watching this program on Canada’s Rawal TV from Toronto, where the gentleman Munir Sami, who is the guest on the program explains the depth, the breadth and the viciousness of the deep rooted ideology of violence and Jehad embedded in the Muslim community of Canada, specifically the Pakistanis.

He cites his discussion with someone close to him, who clearly distinguishes between the Constitution of Canada and Islamic Sharia and how his allegiance is to the latter, despite having swore by the former!  The discussion goes on into how – not the poor and uneducated or the unemployed, but the educated, professionals – Engineers and Doctors – are actually at the forefront of the Jehadi mania in Canada.  They are using (uses the word Najaiz Faida – means illegally profiting, or taking benefit)  Canada’s liberal social norms and religious liberty to promote ideology of mayhem.

Given the discussion, it was obvious that in such an atmosphere, how could another attack be far away?  The environment is again ripe.  In fact, MORE ripe that it was in 9-11.  And, today it happened – at the Boston Marathon.  Two Bomb Blasts – lots of impaired limbs, blood, mayhem and 3 dead.  Terror has struck!

This very well may not be by an Islamic group, but such chances are very slim. In fact, I will be extremely surprised if the roots of this terror attack do not link back to Pakistan somewhere, whether the Governments of the day acknowledge or not.  After all, the strings of 9-11 also linked directly with Pakistan’s Government / Army at the top, despite no one having called it out openly (Pakistan – not Osama – was the Mastermind of 9-11 Attacks on the US)!

In fact, the CBS news says that a Saudi National is being questioned, and although he is denying any involvement, he is cooperating with the authorities.

This is how the two explosions occurred and it took the lives of 3, while many … .many have lost their limbs!

Meanwhile, here is an account of what happened at the Boston Marathon – an eye witness account.

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