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British Pakistanis greatest homeland threat to the US

British Pakistani community is being seen as the greatest threat to the US post 26/11 by the CIA.  The President has been informed by the CIA that it has started a vast spying operation in the UK to keep a tab on the LeT linked people in that country.  US has a visa waiver for the British citizens and if the rhetoric in the mosques (watch this dispatch) – even the biggest ones – is any indication, then they are breeding grounds for terrorists who would, if given the right situation, go against their target – Jews, Americans, and Indians.

British society has been very liberal in the way it has allowed such elements to perpetuate in their society and they have taken full advantage of it   Bruce Riedel, a former CIA officer says: “The British Pakistani community is recognised as probably al-Qaida’s best mechanism for launching an attack against North America.”

So serious is this threat that of all the CIA activity on the Homeland threat front, 40% is now targeted in the UK.  Unprecedented!

I would say that another liberal society that also forms a great threat from the Pakistanis with links to LeT is Canada.  Many have moved there and have been working from there unhindered.  They are closest to the US and can very easily form groups to attack the US.

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