By 2018, Computers will have 5 human senses and be able to interact more profoundly

IBM is predicting something extremely interesting.  It says that in the next five years, the computers could get all the five senses and will be able to interact with humans in totally different ways!

“This new generation of machines will learn, adapt, sense and begin to experience the world as it really is,” the company said in a statement. “This year’s predictions focus on one element of the new era, the ability of computers to mimic the human senses–in their own way, to see, smell, touch, taste, and hear.”

It seems the biggest impact will be on the mobile phone experience.

Researchers at the company are working on technologies that would allow smartphone displays to mimic the feel of fabrics or other materials for which consumers might be shopping. “The vibration pattern will differentiate silk from linen or cotton, helping simulate the physical sensation of actually touching the material,” the company said.
IBM also predicts that computers will be able to gain the ability to recognize and interpret images without them having to be tagged. Smart computers will be able to recognize attributes like color and texture patterns. “This will have a profound impact for industries such as healthcare, retail and agriculture,” the company said.

The IBM scientists are confident that the new machines will be able to solve a whole set of issues in human experience.

“IBM scientists around the world are collaborating on advances that will help computers make sense of the world around them,” said Bernie Meyerson, IBM Fellow and VP of Innovation, in a statement. “Just as the human brain relies on interacting with the world using multiple senses, by bringing combinations of these breakthroughs together, cognitive systems will bring even greater value and insights, helping us solve some of the most complicated challenges.”

Virtual world, virtual companions

In a virtual world already creating virtual companions, friends and lovers over Facebook, Twitter et al; we may now be entering an era where people may have computers as companions in real life.  These companions with their five senses and hopefully no tantrums could provide a very friendly experience to people.

Are we ready?


IBM Predicts Computers, Smartphones with Five Senses

IBM Predicts Computers, Smartphones with Five Senses

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