Canada's official view: Indian Government indulges in systematic violence against civilians

Last updated on May 21, 2010

Posted on May 21, 2010

In the Western World, I have found that Canada is probably the most open and liberal societies.  Specifically for the immigrants.  In fact, it is too liberal.  Which, I believe will hurt it one day.

If one remembers, Canadian government had issues travel advisory to its Muslim citizens travelling to US a few years back warning them of bias and discrimination.  Of course, its the US which has faced the terror threats and not Canada as of now.  So, it won’t know how to address that if it were their country.

In the 1980s and 90s, Canada was very popular destination of the terrorist leaders from India.  Numerous Khalistanis and Islamic terrorists had made their way to Canada on asylum.

So, somehow Canadians seem to trust the story of the terrorists prone to killing, if they feel their rights are being trampled, than the other party.  It is in the same light I saw how the asylum seekers who would plan and prepare to attack on India roaming around not only freely but confident that nothing will ever happen to them.  In fact they would go a step further and actually do rallies and other activity against India.

Now, strangely Canadian Government has denied visa to Fateh Singh Pandher, a retired constable of BSF.  The reason given to him is equally weird and should be thoroughly unacceptable to the Indian Government and should be taken up at the highest levels!

The First Secretary of the Canadian mission repied back to Pandher saying:

BSF was a “notoriously violent force”, which was responsible for “systematic attacks on civilians” and “systematic torture of the suspected criminals”

Meanwhile, the Indian Government agencies get into their file-pushing mode of ultimate inaction in view of the another Government effectively saying that Indian Government (since BSF is a Central Security Agency) systematically attacks its civilians and tortures innocents.  Which is exactly what the asylum-seeking terrorist (Khalistani and Islamic) propagandists would have the world believe.

Its not about Mr. Pandher, but about the very way in which Canada and India should engage with each other.

Reference Links:

BSF notoriously violent force: Canadian High Commission to retired constable

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