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Catchup #13: Insightful Twitter Threads (Indian Pioneer, Twitter Files, Anti-Hindu Hate, Homophobic Marx, COVID and Bank Failures)

Twitter threads on an Indian development Pioneer, Twitter Files, Anti-Hindu Hate, Homophobic Marx and Engels, COVID and Bank Failures

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“When you begin to see that your enemy is suffering, that is the beginning of insight.” ― Thich Nhat Hanh, Peace Is Every Step: The Path of Mindfulness in Everyday Life

This newsletter should have come out yesterday but was down with flu - so sending a day late.

1. Pioneer of Indian Development Model

From Indian Institute of Science to Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL), Victoria Hospital, Mysore University and Minto eye Hospital - Hindu King Krishnaraja Wadiyar was responsible for many institutions that have contributed to Indian development.

2. Joint Operation in betrayal of Americans

Twitter Files has been baring truth and facts about how media, academia, intelligence and the government joined hands to betray Americans and the world.  Amazing how Stanford and the Virality Project came together for Censorship of “True Stories”.

Worth keeping all the records of these Twitter Files.

3. Standing up against anti-Hindu hate

Anurag Mairal is a Professor of Medicine at Stanford.  He shares a thread on how this hardly-religious guy had to take a stand because of how anti-Hindu hatred in US had started impacting his own kids.  A must-read on what is so wrong with what is happening in the US right now.

4. Homophobic Marx and Engels

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, the poster boys of the global left, were homophobic bigots.  Sounds strange that the LGBTQ group still takes them to be its thought leaders.

5. COVID policies and the Bank failures

Fantastic thread on how the US fiscal and monetary policy choices are now catching up with its economy to drowning the banks.  This is a serious financial risk facing the country.