Catchup #3: Insightful Twitter Threads (COVID Specter, Media & Intelligence, Argentinian Stripes, AI Apps, Relationships)

Here are some 5 amazing Twitter threads on COVID Specter, Media & Intelligence, Argentinian Stripes, AI Apps, Relationships #DrishtikoneNewsletter

Catchup #3: Insightful Twitter Threads (COVID Specter, Media & Intelligence, Argentinian Stripes, AI Apps, Relationships)
Photo by Franz Harvin Aceituna / Unsplash
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Photo by David Hofmann / Unsplash

“Don't keep forever on the public road, going only where others have gone.” ― Alexander Graham Bell
Happy Holidays! - We will be taking off between now and the new year. We will have a quick year-end round-up towards the end of the next week though. We want to use this time to rejuvenate and also work on a couple of projects that we have taken up. In course of time - sometime next year - we can share the progress. For now though - have a wonderful holiday season and come back recharged in the New year!  PS: If you have any suggestions on any changes we should make or anything new we should do in 2023, please share them with us.

1. COVID Mayhem in China

Hospitals in China have become overwhelmed due to the recent loosening of restrictions. The estimates are that 60% of China and 10% of global population will be infected!  And this time, deaths are likely in the millions .. yet again!

Please check this thread for more information.  The writer is an Epidemiologist & health economist. Who worked for 16 years at Harvard.

2. US Intelligence and Social Media Revolving Door

While the recent Twitter Files showed that Twitter was acting as an FBI subsidiary, it is learned that 15 FBI agents were on its staff.  What about other social media companies?  Well, Facebook has at least 115 FBI/CIA/NSA/DHS former employees.

Here's what is most disturbing:

All, but a few, of the former intelligence agents were hired, by Facebook after the 2016 Presidential Election & after the FBI established their social media-focused task force FTIF.

We had shared a lot of this information in March earlier this year.

Drishtikone Newsletter #332: Corporate Nationalism and Wars
A deep look at how companies, power elite, establishments profit from wars and destroy countries. Nationalism is a bad word, but not when it involves the national security of the winners.

So, those who are opposed to nationalism or target corporates that work in tandem with, say the Indian government, are just innocent idiots.  They live in a make-believe world that has never existed.

3. Story of the Argentinian Blue and White colors

We have seen Maradona wear them.  And now Messi score his famous goals in the finals and lift the trophy wearing them. What is the story behind the blue and white stripes?

It has a past related to Byzantine Empire, Renaissance painters, Napoleon and the 1810 Argentinian War of Independence!  The leader of the revolt, Manuel Belgrano, gave this cockade in 1812.  

Read this amazing thread!

4. AI applications across industries

ChatGPT is making waves as are other applications of AI.  What are some of the exciting applications in different industries?  Here is a very interesting list.

5. Relationship truths in visuals

A picture is worth a thousand words, they say.  Here are some very interesting and insightful visuals that you will love.  Bookmark them and keep checking them out.

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