Chinese Monster fears the Horror Movies!

Last updated on Feb 14, 2008

Posted on Feb 14, 2008

China is a great land.  Either everyone does it or no one.  There is no room for differentiation.  Everyone is uniquely similar.  And if you want to be different, you are to be killed…  like this.. detailed stories (Chinaview . boingboing . Epoch Times)

These are of course that have been caught on screen.  there is an estimated 430,000 who have been killed!

But the Chinese Government is very disturbed because “horror movies” from other countries are harming the psychological make-up of their kids.  I am not sure of which world this Chinese Government really lives in, but I am wondering if it considers the world to be stupid?  The Chinese kids do not need a horror movie to have issues of psychological disorders.  They just need to live in China their entire life and be subjected to that nonsense!

Of course, no one can really say much because everything bought anywhere in the world seems to be coming from China!  Now, China has surpassed Canada to become the largest source of products shipped into the US last year (USD 321 billion in 2007).

They have a hand in Darfur.  Don’t really give a damn about the other people.  The Government has its own goals and the rest of the world can virtually go to hell!

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