Chinese threat to India

India is strengthening its border against China.  In the last few months, specially after the uptick in the Maoist activity, China has acted a bit tough with India.  In the past one year, they have stepped up their campaign in Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh – by first changing the way visas will be offered – stapled on a paper separately and NOT on Indian passport – and then changing all the maps of India showing Kashmir as independent country and Arunachal not part of India.

The intent is clear and the direction is unmistakable – of usurping Indian territory.

It is important that the same game be played back with them.  We needn’t bow down to their pressure and give away any advantage.  Bullies are only bullies until you don’t respond back to them.  Once you do, then the bully goes back into his hiding.

Indian Air force is strengthening its air strips along the border and also strengthening the Army presence there.  Indian Government should start engaging in Nepal and start overt and covert pressure on Maoist Government there.  It is important that not only the Maoists there are thrown out but also the Jehadi bases that Pakistan has build be exterminated.

Reference Links:

India strengthens border, irks China

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