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Common Stocks and Uncommon common sense!

Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits and Other Writings

I had posted two stories on Stock Markets (One and two). But really speaking stock markets are really not such gambling dens or russian roulette wheel type betting places that you wouldn’t know whats going on! For people who want to make short term money… yes, it may and would seem so.

But to anyone who is in it for the long term – it is not something that you would game with. You want to make smart investments early on, using platforms like eToro to make it easier for you. Take a look at this etoro review for malaysia to learn more about it. The money is always made by following basic fundamentals – buy something of value in a market that cannot believe what the value is and then make money off of other’s folly!

Strangely, the small investors always follow the lead of losers in the stock markets – and not the Gurus like Buffett, Phil Fisher, Lynch etc. All the vociferous analysts have never even come close to topping S&P for more than 5 years!

In India things are even worse! People there are investing for the very short term. Despite the fact that the long term cap gains tax on stock investment is zero. There is no justification for that!

One book that I will recommend to everyone who wants to get into the act of investing is “Common Stocks and Uncommon profits” by Phil Fisher. I think it is the best example of basic and down to earth investing widom that has stood the test of time!